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I am the one who believes in all that you say I am the one who never wants to define herself I am the one who's paralell, upfront, behind I am the one paddling like crazy through the night Refine, old time, colourblind Big sign, do time, doesn't rhyme A lot, to much, standing tall And I'm crying in the valley I shall never, ever fall! I am the one who stirrs it up everytime I am the one who never knows how close she is I am the one who'd rather be dead than confess I am the one trying to be good, wanting to be bad and so on Excess, temptress, big mess Phoney, lonely, it's a test Be still my heart, don't you fail And I'm crying on the stagefloor: I will always prevail!

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    Tuesday, August 02, 2005

    20 Minutes

    I got tons of things to write but my brother gave me only 20 minutes to use the pc because I have to study for our quarterly tests!! About my speech in English, I got 93!!! Also, 96 for my essay!! I'm so happy! I didn't mean to brag, I'm just too happy! Ok, I only got 10 mins left, nag-friendster pa kasi ako, lolses, so bye bye na!

    "Don't go breakin' my heart, I won't go breakin your heart!"

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    Friday, July 29, 2005

    woots! woots!

    We had a lot of activities yesterday! First we had a quiz in Science about Ecology; it was pretty easy except for the identification part. Then, another quiz in Math which is about conditionals. The test was on the book, hahaha! Then we continued our speech in English about Chinese Cultural Revolution, I wasn’t called last thursday, so sa friday na ako. Then , Ms. Siony called my name but I wasn’t able to hear her because I’m wearing the headphones (we’re in the speech lab.), then nagulat ako, turn ko na pala!!! At first, serious na serious ako while doing my introduction, pag tingin ko sa likod yung dalawang tae ginagawa yung ‘cabbage’ sign, green po yun so nevermind, napalakas tuloy tawa ko! I saw Ms. Siony laughing too! So, take two! I was able to deliver my speech well, because Kermit (Paola) told me na yung curtains na lang ang tingnan ko instead sa mga classmates ko kasi parang pareho lang, so ok naman. Tapos yung PE naman, ang saya! Tumigil ang blood circulation ko nung sina Carla at Gertrude na ang gumulong sa akin. Nakadapa kasi kami, tabi-tabi, dapat walang space, then yung tao na nasa dulo gugulong papunta sa kabila, sa amin siya gugulong, then isa-isa na, so ang sakit ng katawan ko! Hahaha. test na next week, so alam niyo na kung ano mangyayari....wala munang computer!!
    The stars will cry
    The blackest tears tonight
    And this is the moment that i live for
    I can smell the ocean airA
    nd here i am
    Pouring my heart onto these rooftops
    Just a ghost to the world
    That´s exactly...
    Exactly what i need
    -Anthem of Our Dying Day, Story of the Year

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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005

    Elmo loves his goldfish, his Jomelle too!

    Earlier, Ms. Zinnia told us that we're going to change our seating arrangements for the second quarter!! Aaww, bye-bye Josh and Bogs!! Lolses, akala ko pa naman malalayo na ako sa mga 'mabilog boys', yun pala katabi ko ang leader nila, si Eugene! Good thing Patricia (Yaya Trielle!!) was also seated beside Eugene, so ok naman. Also during our Kinesthetics period, I was able to make-kwento and kulitan with Dominique...woots woots! I remember our grade 5 days....right Lae? Hehehe, I forgot to mention that our presentation(dance) in Kinesthetics was so....tae! Hahaha, I kept on laughing because I don't know what to do, Bonna change the steps on the very same day, except for the first part. Also, ikakasal na ako bukas kay Elmo! Buahahaha, pero di niya alam ikakasal na kami, bukas ko na lang sasabihin sa kanya! Yikes!

    **I hate sTicKy cApS...
    Just noticed that a lot of people are writing in sTiCkY CaPs today. I used to do it before, but reading long sentences in sticky caps makes my head ache! They give me eyestrain, it's like they don't know anything about computers and just pressing the shift key again and again. Well, I don't mean to offend people(sorry for that), my friends also type in sticky caps, but it's really annoying, capitalize niyo na lang kaya lahat.

    So, that's it! I have a lot of things to do, Tata!

    You make me feel like I
    Can get lost inside your eyes
    I feel closer to the sky
    When you save the day
    With just a smile
    Just a smile
    -Just A Smile, Barbie Almalbis

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    Sunday, July 24, 2005
    Wrestling Blues...
    My brother was watching Smackdown last night. At first, I wasn't interested because I know that everything is 'scripted', but then, I saw my favorite WWE diva Michelle McCool kicking Melina's a*s! Hahaha, just like what my brother said, mukhang kabayo si Melina, lol! Pero talo si Michelle McCool, grrr! Pero ok lang siya matalo, pero wag naman siya sana i-pair kay Heidenreich! I thought that Michelle McCool will pe paired with 'my' John Cena, but since John Cena transfered to Raw because of that Draft Lottery, di na siguro. And another bad news, Batista was the last Draft Lottery pick for Smackdown!! I really wished that John Cena and Batista will be tag team partners in Raw! Batista will have a match with JBL at the Great American Bash for the world heavyweight championship title!!

    **Elmo loves his goldfish his crayons too!! Tralalala...

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    natatawa ako hihihi...

    Hahaha, walang pasok bukas! Hooray! Pero kailangan ko na i-memorize yung essay ko sa English! Asar naman, wala kasing tinuro sa Power Memory na word by word na pag-mmemorize! And tomorrow, I'll start studying for the quarterly test (hopefully)! Earlier, I saw Alyanna at National Bookstore!! Pareho pa yata kami ng binili para sa project, waah!! Naghanap din ako nung book na 'By The River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept' pero wala ako makita or, hindi ako naghanap! Hahaha, ang gulo gulo kasi ng mga books sa National Bookstore, kaya bukas pupunta kami ATC or Glorietta and sa Power Books ako maghahanap! Buwahahaha! And hindi na pala madilim kwarto ko, pinalitan na yung ilaw, hahaha! lolses, after ng quarterly test manonood kami nina Alyanna ng D'ANothers!! Because it's Gertrude's Birthday! Birthday ng nanay ng barkada!! Happy Birthday Inay! Hahaha!! Babayoo!!

    **Para sa mga yayases ng Yaya Sisterhood:
    Oi ano ba? 2nd week anniversary ng sisterhood walang nakaalala? Hahaha, ako din eh! May theme song tayo, yung 'yayayayayayay' sa kanta sa D'Anothers, yung part lang na yun, wala ng iba, Lae manood ka sa TFC, makikita mo yung coomercial/trailer nun! Si Vhong ang kumanta! Sana kilala mo pa siya! Lolses!!
    You're hiding something, 'cause it's burning through your eyes
    I try to get it out, but all I hear from you are lies

    And I can tell you're going through the motions
    I figured you were acting out your part
    Once again, we're playing off emotion
    Which one of us will burn until the end?
    -All Downhill From Here, New Found Glory

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    Thursday, July 21, 2005

    We Might As Well Be Strangers

    We Might As Well Be Strangers
    I don't know your face no more
    Or feel your touch that I adore
    I don't know your face no more
    It's just a place I'm looking for
    We might as well be strangers in another town
    We might as well be living in a different world
    We might as well
    We might as well
    We might as well
    I don't know your thoughts these days
    We're strangers in an empty space
    I don't understand your heart
    It's easier to be apart
    We might as well be strangers in another town
    We might as well be living in a another time
    We might as wellWe might as well
    We might as well be strangers
    Be strangers
    For all I know of you now
    For all I know of you now
    For all I know of you now
    For all I know

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    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Manic Monday

    It's raining so hard this afternoon *sigh*, anyway we had our Fire Drill Seminar earlier, and it was so boring. Most of the students, especially the second year, aren't listening and were very noisy. Sir Romy I think got mad at us and said that we are going to have a test about the topics discussed. Expect tomorrow that most of our classmates will ask for notes, hahaha. Tomorrow will be a busy day again because we are going to have a test in science, reports in math, and another quiz in TLE, and also our project which is about the food pyramid. Crap, I only get the chance to sleep for 8 hours every weekend.

    Last Saturday my mom brought us two boxes of Go Nuts Donuts, while eating and doing his assignments, my brother left the box half-open. So when I opened it after a few minutes, I saw a lizard inside the box, grrr...

    Yesterday, we went to this restaurant where you have to buy first in the market and let them cook it after! My mom told me that when she was still in college, she used to eat there with her friends, since it was her birthday, we let her choose where to eat, hahaha! I love food, especially the crab, and the buttered shrimp..yummm,hehehe

    that's all, bye!

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    Friday, July 15, 2005

    Thank God it's Friday!

    Time flies so fast! Parang kahapon lang, kinakanta ka po yung First Day Funk! Anyway, we still have two weeks to improve our grades, and recite more! Since malapit na mag-second quarter, mamiss ko yung mga katabi kong mga mabibilog! Kahit di ako maka-relate sa inyo, ayos lang! Hahaha. Anyway, we had some green-ish convo lately and here it is:

    Joshua: Jomy, paano ba malalaman kung flat-chested ang isang tao?
    Jomelle: Kapag lalaki siya.
    Joshua: Hindi, yung babae.
    Jomelle: Tingnan mo.
    Joshua: Ano pa?
    Andre: Hawakan mo.
    Jomelle: Hindi, itanong mo na lang.
    *Joshua suddenly asked Rizza
    Joshua: Rizza, flat-chested ka ba?
    Rizza: Ano? Ikaw, v**gin ka pa ba?
    Hahaha, sorry for this one, but it’s really funny, especially Rizza. We were all laughing.

    Anyway, I saw this one from a blog. It wasn't passed to me but I feel like answering it so here it goes...

    Three names you go by:
    1. Jomelle
    2. Ira
    3. Jomy

    Three screen names you have had:
    1. ms_sassy23
    2. posh_pink23
    3. fruit juice23 (what’s with the 23? Haha! lol)

    Three physical things you like about yourself:
    1. Height
    2. Eyes
    3. Skin

    Three physical things you don't like about yourself:
    1. Shoulders
    2. Knees
    3. Hips

    Three parts of your heritage:
    1. Filipino
    2. Spanish (my dad told me)
    3. Alien

    Three things that scare you:
    1. Being alone
    2. My fickle-mindedness
    3. Failing myself

    Three of your everyday essentials:
    1. Brush
    2. Towel or hanky
    3. Fan! Ang init!

    Three of your favorite musical artists/bands:
    1. The Used
    2. Yellowcard
    3. Gwen Stefani

    Three of your favorite songs:
    1. People are People by D’Sound
    2. Drive by Incubus
    3. Firefly by Breaking Benjamin

    Three things you want in a relationship:
    1. Friendship
    2. Respect
    3. Trust

    Three lies and truths in no particular order:
    1. try and try until you succeed (some things aren’t meant for you to have)
    2. PGMA cheated and she must resign
    3. Nothing lasts forever

    1. Sometimes, being imperfect is what makes life perfect.

    2. I like math but math doesn’t like me
    3. I’m a sensitive person, I cry a lot!

    Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you:
    1. Hair (clean-cut)
    2. Eyes
    3. Height

    Three of your favorite hobbies:
    1. Internet
    2. Chatting
    3. Singing/soundtrip

    Three things you want to do really badly now:
    1. Watch Green Rose! Too bad, haven’t watch any episode of it
    2. Watch a movie
    3. Go shopping

    Three careers you're considering/you've considered:
    1. Veterinarian (I love animals, mostly dogs)
    2. I’m a frustrated artist!
    3. Dermatologist! Hahaha, I’ll rip your skin!

    Three places you want to go on vacation:
    1. Bacolod! I miss the food!
    2. Hawaii
    3. Rome

    Three kid's names you like:
    1. Sushi
    2. Maki
    3. Chancey
    *Already have them! My puppies! Hahaha!

    Three things you want to do before you die:
    1. Spend a meaningful day with my family!
    2. Go somewhere peaceful
    3. Do some weird things, like bungee jumping without the rope! That will surely kill me.

    Three ways that you are stereotypically a boy:
    1. I’m a loud person and I enjoy their company.
    2. I love wrestling.
    3. I think Liv Tyler is so pretty!

    Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl:
    1. I cry a lot!
    2. I have a lot of crushes!
    3. I love shoes, stilettos, clothes and pink!

    Three celeb crushes:
    1. Chad Michael Murray
    2. Brad Pitt
    3. Liv Tyler? Haha, joke, c Orlando Bloom!

    My turn to tag...

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